Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I have 25 free minutes

And I can't do anything productive in 25 minutes, so I might as well blog while I wait for people to return my calls.

I spent the morning at a Holocaust remembrance ceremony in which Child One took part. The ceremony took place in the synagogue to which my grandfather belonged. His name is on a donors plaque on the wall. I didn't lose any close family in the Holocaust. All my grandparents were born in North America except my father's father, and he moved to Montreal with his father, mother, and brother in the 1920s.

Trace back along my brother's family tree, and you can see the Holocaust fatalities among the family that stayed in Europe.

I didn't mean to blog about this when I started. I was going to ask for help finding a shirt. It occurs to me that I could title this post "Hey Jude", but that's tacky, even for me.

On to business....

In Houston, I bought a beautiful new black suit and a beautiful new tie. I know which beautiful new shirt would go with them, but the store (K&G) didn't have my size. Neither K&G nor Geoffrey Beene sell any selection at all online, so I have to look in the retail channel.

Specifically, I need a Geoffrey Beene Wrinkle Free Solid Dress Shirt - Point Collar (style A30B0862) in kiwi (colour 329), in a size 17.5 collar/32-33 sleeve. That kiwi is the perfect shade of green. I looked for other green shirts but they all lacked this shirt's subtle brightness.

If you happen to see one like that, let me know, please.

Oh, and I'm up to page 89 of the draft. I only really have one more battle sequence to write - the rest is polish.

Bonus shout-out:

Happy birthday, Child Three!


Blogger Wily said...

Wrinkle-free?!? Ain't nuthin "wrinkle free" pal - you're being duped.

TJMaxx. That's all you need to know for buying cheap, good shirts. And, they have plenty of 17.5 in collars.

May 1, 2006 11:50 PM  
Blogger Webs said...

I don't care about the wrinkel-freeness. It's just the name they give the shirt, as you hint. I care about the colour and the size.

TJ Maxx didn't have it. Nor did its Canadian equivalent, Winners.

May 2, 2006 11:30 AM  

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