Monday, April 24, 2006

Recursive blogging

I submitted all grades for my courses and I'm spending the day on Alex. He asked me to look into a problem with Technorati. It was not updating his blog all that promptly. I discovered that Technorati wasn't updating this one regularly either.

Technorati works on a ping system. Every time a blogger posts, the blog will automatically notify Technorati - if the notification has been embedded or turned on. With Blogger, that's a simple setting.

But Technorati's Ping Us page indicated that 101 had last been updated 16 days ago. Something is broken.

Alex and I are not the only ones having a problem. Not many people have discussed this, but Technorati has had such problems for months. Here's a sophisticated complaint from ProBlogger. A Consuming Experience received a reply from Technorati head honcho Dave Sifry in March. Technorati is working on it. Yippee.

Neither Alex nor I use Technorati tags, but that shouldn't make a difference. We've both claimed our blogs with Technorati accounts.

I question how important this is for me. Of traffic that search engines deliver to 101, nearly all comes from Google. Technorati just isn't bringing in the visitors. That's why I don't bother tagging. isn't much help either. On my next template update, I'll probably remove the facility from my posts.

How about y'all out there in the scribosphere? Is Technorati a help or does it just lay there like lox? Do you even bother with it?

Bonus shoulder update:

Something's working. The pain is reduced, although I'm not leaping to block soccer balls or anything. I've moved to the stronger tension band for my exercises already.

The Celebrex is toying with my GI system a bit, but it's nothing major. I also notice that it seems to suppress my appetite. I could lose 10 pounds, so that's not necessarily a bad thing.


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