Saturday, May 27, 2006


For the past month, I've been searching for an external story on which I could hang the internal story of "By the Book". I had been toying with a court case, but it felt so bolted on, inorganic to the spine of the story.

This morning, I discovered how to sew them together. Sort of. I have the first few sutures in place, but I'm sure that as I write, the rest will tie things together. The result should be more healthy patient than Frankenstein monster.

I am raring to get at this. Unfortunately, Elvi's recording DUBB's second album in studio this weekend and I have the kids. This week will be filled with visiting family and events: Child One is having her bat mitzvah next Sunday.

As long as this temporary delay sharpens my hunger to get this idea and subsequent thoughts onto the page, it's not a problem.

Bonus money pit update:

The van sucked up $1,500 for repairs. Our plumber thinks the dryer just needs a new belt, and maybe a new fuse. Let's hope. I'm about to tackle it.


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