Thursday, May 25, 2006

Inside the "House" (spoilers)

I'll leave more complex analysis of this week's "House" to other people, like Diane. I just want to point out that House's nemesis in the episode is named Moriarty. I hope I don't have to point out that that is the name of Sherlock Holmes's nemesis, but I just did anyway.

Thing is, the shooter is called Moriarty only in House's hallucination. So House himself gives this man, this internal opponent/consultant/other half, that name.

I can't help wondering whether Sherlock Holmes exists as fiction in the world of "House". If the detective books exist, then Greg House has to know about them, and the amazing coincidence that he also lives at 221B. If the books do not exist, then House thought up the name Moriarty on his own, seemingly without reason.

I think I prefer the second reason, but next season, some character will mention Holmes, and it will ruin the series for me.

The pipe to the back hose is fixed. Small steps, small steps....

Bonus Irrational League update:

I had something else to put in a Bonus, but I've forgotten what it was, so I might as well post baseball stats. I'm in first, one point ahead of Frank. Although I've spent most of the time since the last update in second place, I was up by six or so points a couple of days ago.

.290 batting average (1st)
82 HR (2nd)
319 RBI (2nd)
38 SB (7th)
4.11 ERA (4th)
1.33 WHIP (4th)
26 wins (tied 2nd)
17 saves (6th)


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