Thursday, May 25, 2006


I received two lovely packages today (Wednesday).

Ismo Santala hangs out at the Artful Writer forums where one lazy Sunday evening (Finland time) he decided to give away his copy of Robert McKee's "Story" to the first person who's reply.

One lazy Sunday afternoon (Canada time), I found Ismo's post and was the first to reply. His generous gift arrived today.

I've twice mentioned that David Mamet wrote a script about the ferrying of aircraft to Israel. The second package was that screenplay. A bit of research led to Mamet's stage agent in New York, who then gave me the name of his screenplay agent in California. I called up and explained that I'd like to read it. The assistant I spoke with told me to put it in an e-mail and they'd get the message to Mamet.

Today, "Russian Poland" dropped through my mail slot - with a small handwritten note from the author thanking me for my interest.

Either I misunderstood Soly (see the first 101 link up there) or Soly has his information wrong. Regardless, this script has nothing to do with 101 Squadron (phew!). It involves the ferrying of an anonymous twin-engine fighter-bomber (in my mind, a Beaufighter) from Italy to Israel in 1948, but most of this mystical script takes place in shtetls. It was a quick read, and intellectual, too. You can read about a reading of the script Mamet gave at the Jerusalem Film Festival in Forward.

Bonus minivan update:

Looks like the van needs a new engine. Again. And the place that put in our last one, and guaranteed it for a year? Out of business.


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