Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Prague in the spring

A blogger known as Brigand e-mailed me through his secret identity to ask me about the 101 Squadron ground crewman who was known as the Belgian. All I know is that he was from Belgium and a survivor of the war in Europe.

Brigand also informed me about an article in Haaretz about an exhibit set to open at the Czech Army Museum, in Prague. The exhibit will present artifacts, documents, and photographs that will help illuminate Czechoslovakian aid to Israel in the War of Independence. The Haaretz article, "The communists who saved the Jewish state", describes not only the exhibit, but also the work that went into bringing it into existence, and the lack of public acknowledgement of Czecholsovakian aid over the last 58 years.

Unfortunately, I don't see myself making it Prague in the near future. If curator Shosh Dagan finds her name in this post at some point, please e-mail me.


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