Monday, May 15, 2006


"Sheep's End" has dropped out of TriggerStreet's top ten and languishes in the 600s, a victim of a less than stellar review. It continues to sport a blue star, which indicates that it once was a top ten script. It's no big deal. Nobody rushes to TriggerStreet to buy scripts.

On the bright side, my Irrational League team is back in first after a seemingly endless period in third place. I wonder how long I'll stay at the top. I lost three starters last week: Woody Williams is out for two months with a torn calf muscle; Ben Sheets is out for an indeterminate time with a sore shoulder; and Odalis Perez was sent to the bullpen. Thank goodness Brad Penny's MRI was clear.

.295 batting average (1st)
64 HR (2nd)
247 RBI (3rd)
33 SB (tied 6th)
4.22 ERA (5th)
1.33 WHIP (4th)
23 wins (1st)
15 saves (5th)

I'm in first by two points over the dreaded Frank.

This morning, I submitted my application for part-time teaching next year. JOUR 428 was not on it, but I did check the box to let the department know that I'm available for any courses that may open up. You know, just in case somebody changes their mind. Because the kids don't need 13 weeks on blogging. Just saying....

I also received my teaching evaluations. I can't share those with you online, but you can find me at Apparently, I'm good and hot.

Now, back to Filemaker Pro work for Alex and research work for Reader's Digest. I'm gonna get cracking again on "72 Virgins" this week.


Anonymous Chris Soth said...

72 there's a TITLE...

...big cast, tho'.

(American Pie x 18!)

May 17, 2006 12:29 AM  

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