Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunday night BlogRolling

"Sheep's End" is done. Taxes are done. The Habs are done, just about.

I spent the last two hours converting my screenwriter blogroll collection to a BlogRolling collection.

BlogRolling is a nifty service that indexes your blogs and raises a flag when they contain new posts. On 101, for now - and shame all of you who link here with "101 Squadron", which may be the domain name, but the blog is just "101" - on 101 for now, that flag will be NEW* and it should stay up for 48 hours after a new post is made in my blogroll.

I like the service, and I think it could become a Big Thing, but BlogRolling needs to make the conversion process easier. I spent more than two hours playing with CSS and organizing links, and I have, what? Two dozen?

If BlogRolling can automate the process, look out.


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