Sunday, May 28, 2006

Webs 1, dryer 1, chicken salad 0

I tore the dryer apart yesterday. I took off the back plate, lifted the top, and removed the vent the lint trap slides into.

The drum was a bit stiff, but I pushed it with some force and it started to rotate more freely. The blower fan didn't turn either. I pushed that, then it too spun freely.

I plugged the dryer back in and it worked.

I guess the water filtered down through the lint trap to the blower fan on the bottom and brought some lint down with it, like sediment. The water evaporated, and the lint build-up seized the blower fan's axle. That's my assumption, anyway.

But give the dryer a point toward a draw. As I reassembled it this morning, I dropped a screw down the vent. It fell below the fan, I was sure - there was nowhere else for it to go - but I couldn't see it behind the fan blades. I figured that if the fan were moving, I could see through it enough to spot the screw. As I sped the fan by hand, my finger slipped off and the sharp edge of a steel panel sliced it open. I didn't need stitches, but it is my right index finger, so I offer the dryer its due. I found the screw, though.

I shudder to think what a service call might have resulted in. A new motor? A new blower? Would a repairman come in, wiggle the fan and drum and leave? I suspect not.

Today, Child Three and I visited a film set in St. Henri. Robert the director was filming the script I helped him with earlier this year. Patrick, the assistant who drove the children and me to the "Dr. Bethune" set last summer, was on Robert's crew. I think I recognized another face as well. We arrived during lunch break and stayed on set a total of two hours, long enough to see two shots. Robert asked Child Three to come up with an idea for his next film. It looks like it'll be a war movie, with ten people and two catapults on each side. No horses, though - the siege engines will be towed by donkeys.

On set, I ate a dubious chicken salad wrap that today's warm sun had been heating for who knows how long. So far, I've kept it down.

Bonus WarBirds video:

WarBirds has a new beta version out that establishes that state of the art of flight modelling. This video shows a low-level dance among flak bursts between a Bf 109E and a Spitfire Mk I.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What movie?

- Allen

May 29, 2006 11:15 PM  
Blogger Webs said...

It's short film called "Killing Hostage".

May 30, 2006 8:53 AM  

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