Monday, June 05, 2006

The end of a whirlwind weekend

What has been a wild weekend finally ended when I dropped Brother Two off at the airport around 6 p.m. today. Child One had her bat mitzvah ceremony Sunday afternoon. It was a weekend of brunches, parties, and shuffling between them.

People kept asking me if the event makes me feel old. No, it doesn't. The increasing population of gray hairs, aching joints, and a stubborn belly make me feel old.

On the other hand, the hunt for the kiwi shirt proved its worth. I got compliments on it all night. And my snazzy black suit? Brother Two turned up with the exact same one. But my shirt was nicer. So was my tie.

Child One made it through the weekend with only a tiny meltdown. She had her ears pierced about six weeks ago. She wore earings to our Saturday night soiree, and slept that night without earrings or studs. Right before the ceremony, she discovered that her earring holes had closed, and she couldn't wear her new diamond studs. She's been in a snit for a day. She's good at it.

Bonus celebrity sighting:

I can't confirm this absolutely, but I'm pretty sure I saw Kate Greenhouse in the Chez Cora on St-Jacques Saturday morning. She played Deb in "The Tournament", and also appeared in something called "Webs". Coincidence?

If it wasn't her, it was a dead ringer.


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