Friday, June 09, 2006

A screenwriting post!

Haven't done one of these in a while, have I? I may lose my scribosphere decoder ring.

"72 Virgins" finds itself in a good news/bad news situation. Our prospective producer/director has a full plate and won't be doing the shorts he planned, but he wants to do it next year if we haven't found another outlet for it. He "really enjoyed" the writing.

Nearmiss and I puzzled out our options. Marior wants another crack at something, but, well... - we'll see how "Time and Space" turns out first. Robert the director has told me he'll be looking for another project soon, so I may zip it to him. First, however, we are going to enter it in the shorts competition of Creative Screenwriting's Expo 5 Screenplay Competition.

I may enter "Sheep's End" as well, before or after a rewrite. Alex gave me some good notes, and TriggerStreet reviewers have pointed out similar spots that need improvement. I might fix it up by Expo 5's final deadline of August 7, which will cost $10 more than the early deadline. (Although, the increasingly valuable Canadian dollar may compensate for that additional cost over the two months.)

In the meantime, I'll be sending some extremely short scripts to the My Take competition, whose award is production rather than riches. Even though these scripts run less than two pages, as I wrote one, I found myself in a dead end. I just couldn't write my way out given how I started. Things came unstuck, however, when I played around and switched sexes of the two characters. It all fell into place. I love that feeling.

The nice thing is that these two-pagers are something I can do while I wait for people to return my calls for my Reader's Digest research.

Bonus pet update:

Somewhere in our home, a chinchilla on the loose cackles gleefully - if not because we can't catch him, then at my fourth-place fantasy baseball team.


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