Saturday, July 22, 2006

Land line's out

Our phone line has been out of order since the thunderstorm Thursday night. Our neighbours, customers of Bell, still have service. We use Primus, whose reps have told us they have eight business hours to respond. Since we only notified the company Friday afternoon, we are without phone service for the weekend. It's time to reconsider who we choose as our telephone provider.

If you need to call me, use Elvi's cell phone.

Of course, this puts a big crimp in my ability to do research for Reader's Digest, but at least the Internet connection is up. Score one for VoIP.

Bonus fantasy baseball news:

Made my first trade of the year. Three teams are clustered, fighting for second behind Frank (I'm in third, two points back). I have huge leads in the RBI (41 RBI lead) and batting average (.012 lead) categories, and I'm in second, 23 HR over third in that category, but wins are tight and I could gain some points in WHIP and ERA if my guys pitch the way they can. I traded Brad Hawpe and Alay Soler for Bronson Arroyo and Larry Bigbie. I'd be able to add a bat in our monthly add/drop more easily than a top-notch starter.

More good news is that Matt Wise might finally start to close games for the Brewers. That won't gain me points, but it will help me keep the ones I have.

.294 batting average (1st)
169 HR (2nd)
646 RBI (1st)
70 SB (7th)
4.65 ERA (8th)
1.39 WHIP (4th)
46 wins (tied 5th)
17 saves (6th)


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