Sunday, July 23, 2006

When puppets go off

I looked forward to "Greg the Bunny" when it was on Fox in 2002.

I didn't know it had been a cable-access show before that. It moved to IFC to intro movies with puppet parodies before Fox turned it into a sitcom. I didn't know it migrated back, sort of, to IFC last year.

I was channel surfing this evening and found an episode of what's called "The Greg the Bunny Show". Bizarrely, Seth Green played Seth Green and the set-up seemed to take place behind-the-scenes as the gang made the cancelled sitcom . The whole thing lasted maybe 15 minutes, and featured topless women, human-puppet orgies, and Warren DeMontague pleasuring himself while Greg is fired from the show.

A bit of searching turned up the origins of Greg the Bunny and the Web site of the new IFC show. The IFC site lets you watch one episode, a mildly amusing parody of "Annie Hall". The episode I saw was much funnier.

Even without Eugene Levy.


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