Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cheap post was down for a while today, from 5:00 to 16:48 Eastern Time according to my site visitor stats.

I keep tabs on my stats, and I'm shocked so many people read me. Netsurfer Digest at its peak had more than 110,000 readers, but a wide variety of folks found that little e-zine useful.

In addition to the ego massage, I also keep tabs on how people find me. I'm happy to report that the 101 blog ranks first at Google for "MLB statistics corrections" (take that CBS Sportsline!) and it's also first for "donkey chasing pooping man". Yeah! It's holding tight at #3 for "early senility", an old favourite. Even more perplexing is how 101 ranks seventh for "house spoilers", which means spoilers about the series "House" and not a latest fad in ricer home furnishings.

The search for "house spoilers" is the top search of those that lead netsurfers to my little corner of the blogosphere, with an 8% share of all such searches. The next leading search in terms of referrals is "McFatridge 101", due to a fan in the UK who found 101 with a search for McFatridge on August 15 and has since been reading just about everything I've written. Welcome,, hooo!

So much for that topic. Next, I will make some long overdue changes to the blogroll and discuss those. Stay tuned.


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