Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Montreal Film Group

I attended Tuesday's Montreal Film Group meeting with my cousin (the actress) and her latest director. She expressed her surprise at how extroverted I acted, because I'm not that way, and even less so around family.

I suppose that means my schmooze skill is increasing, and as further evidence of that is that I got a message today that someone wants to hire me, not as a writer but as a researcher on his documentary.

Researcher on a movie, hooo! (There's a new Hard Gay video out, by the way.)

Another, more established documentarian complained to me that other filmmakers constantly call him to ask if he knows any researchers. Now he does. I'm rarely optimistic, but I wouldn't be surprised if that contact turned lucrative down the road.

Other than that, the party offered plenty of recognizable faces - and hemp ice cream. I tried the maple flavour. One small half-spoonful was enough. It tasted like thick barley honey gone bad. Bleah. What were they thinking?

Bonus Irrational League update:

I'm going to finish third. I have a seven point cushion over the clump battling for fourth through sixth place and even if my hitters continue their 4-for-September performance, I'll stay ahead of them. Four points ahead of me, Frank and the DJ conglomerate are battling for first. My pitching just never got where it should be, and while the pitching stats improved, a blowout a week is keeping my ERA artificially high. I won't make up four points in the next three weeks.

.287 batting average (1st)
240 HR (2nd)
920 RBI (1st)
103 SB (8th)
4.47 ERA (7th)
1.33 WHIP (4th)
76 wins (3rd)
28 saves (6th)


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