Friday, November 10, 2006

Feel like crap

I have some sort of virus. I'm achy and tired with an occasional headache. It's probably just a cold, but I'm more tired than usual.

Maybe I'm tired because I had to get up extra early yesterday to go to a father-daughter breakfast at Child One's school. The school served bagels and lox and Andy Nulman as guest speaker. Good stuff, all.

I met with Robert the director after the breakfast. Also good stuff. A producer has asked him for a synopsis of a fairly popular British novel with the idea of hiring him to write a draft. He can't do that alone - he has a sense of story, but he has trouble writing. In terms of the actual banging on the keyboard, he may be dyslexic. In terms of what he tries to bang at, he has a tendency to write to what he has in his head without putting that down in words. It makes his work difficult to understand to others. He needs an editor - me.

He's brought me on board as a partner, and I'll get to work on his version of the synopsis today. Shifting into a Bridget Jonesy mode now....

Bonus entertaining visitor log entry:

At 9:44 p.m. Eastern Time last night, somebody in Toronto found 101 with a Google search for "in kenny v.s spenny did kennys mom die". That was 14 minutes into last night's episode of "Kenny vs. Spenny". Looks like Spenny isn't the only schlemiel in that city.


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