Sunday, November 19, 2006

In hot water!

Saturday, while the rest of the family visited friends to shower, I waited at home to receive a replacement hot-water tank and the gentlemen who would install it.

They showed up and refused to either remove our old tank or leave the new one. Our house had two breakers of 15 amps leading to the water heater, but the tank needed at least two breakers of 20 amps, they said. I don't know much about electrical systems, but I do know it's relatively simple to replace a breaker. I promised we'd do that if they switched the tanks, but they refused.

Their steadfast commitment to the letter of the law might have been admirable had they not decided to spend the time meant for the replacement sitting in the truck doing nothing. They were still there when I left 20 minutes later to pick up Child Three from a birthday party.

Our friend Charles, who is skilled in the electrical arts, installed the correct breaker for us, and removed a wire patch as well. We got the new tank this morning. Luckily, the company sends crews out on Sunday.

I did shower yesterday, at my cousins', but it's nice to get the dishwasher back.

Bonus note to Shecanfilmit:

I read the Didion piece, and while I can relate to the misery, her facts are dated. There are now medicines that will stop migraines in progress, like Imitrex and Zomig.

I did try ergotamine therapy, but because I almost never get an aura, it doesn't work well for me. Someday, I'll write an essay on my migraine experiences - but the migraine itself was only a small part of my malaise of the past few days. I still have a bit of a tension headache....


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