Thursday, November 16, 2006

Still feel like crap

But now, I have a little crap cherry on top. My last 24 hours:

11:30 am: Manage to teach through an entire class despite a head full of phlegm and cramps. I drive home and do some work for Alex.

1:30 pm: Child Two comes home from her half-day of school. I'm feeling exhausted so I ask her to wake me at 3:00 so I can go pick up Child One's school carpool on time.

2:30 pm: Phone call for me.

3:00 pm: Child Two and I do carpool then retrieve Child Three from a friend's house. We shop for dinner fixings.

4:30 pm: We ge home and I collapse on the couch. I still feel exhausted and my legs feel like lead weights.

6:45 pm: I force myself to eat a bit despite my low-grade stomach ache.

7:30 pm: Parent-teacher interview with Child Three's parents. He's brilliant and advanced, but disruptive and disorganized. I was never disruptive.

8:00 pm: Back home, I climb onto the couch and watch the Habs beat the Bolts. I take two Tylenol nighttime cold pills.

10:30 pm: Go to bed.

4:15 am: I wake up with a migraine. Take a Dilaudid (2mg). I try to read, but give up. I wander around because lying down is too painful.

4:45 am: I take another Dilaudid because the first does nothing.

5:45 am: Still in pain, I take a third Dilaudid. I hop in the shower because it's the only thing I can do standing up.

6:15 am: I go back to bed. The pain is bearable, not gone. It feels like a standard tension headache.

10:15 am: I wake up. I read the sports section of the paper before I again succumb to headache and exhaustion and go back to bed. I also fell nauseated.

11:30 am: The migraine's back full strength. This pisses me off. At least when I took Percocet, those pills would kill the migraines. I became inured to the Percocet and asked my doctor for something stronger. These Dilaudid aren't so effective. I take two more. I wonder if I'm going to make my 3 p.m. physio appointment. I haven't done any of the exercise for about a week anyway - my first lapse of more than two days since I started. And because I went to sleep with wet hair, I make Einstein look like a jarhead.

Now: Excuse me, but I think I have to go throw up.

Bonus pun from six-year-old Child Three:

"Dad, Uranus is like Jupiter because it's full of gas!"


Blogger wcdixon said...

Dude - that day sucks. Migraines...have you ever tried Zomig? I discovered them 3 years ago and swear by them. One usually does it and in worst case scenario, 2 takes them out for sure (or at least down to the mild headache so one can function). Until three years ago, I just waited them out - crazy.

And have a son that sounds identical. Advanced and brilliant, disorganized and disruptive. I was never disruptive.

What's the solution? Is there one?

November 16, 2006 11:36 PM  
Blogger Naila J. said...


Aaah... kids!

Sucks about the migraines. Sounds like you've got it pretty bad :(
I get bigger migraines from migraine medication, so I have to live with Advil!

November 17, 2006 1:22 PM  
Blogger shecanfilmit said...

I think you will relate. An essay by Joan Didion about her migraines.

In Bed

November 19, 2006 12:32 AM  

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