Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dishwasher succumbs

To us!

Elvi and I decided to try to fix the dishwasher ourselves. A bit of Web research revealed that this was probably one of two problems. Either the plastic valve that the drainage hose hooks up to was clogged or the motor/pump had ceased pumping in the proper direction. We figured there was a clog in it, because that we stood a chance of fixing.

Thursday, we tried to get at the drainage hose from the side, but we couldn't reach it. In moving the dishwasher out from under the counter, we stressed the copper pipe that brings the thing fresh water and it started to drip.

I worried that we'd split the pipe. I turned its water feed off and Elvi put a towel own. She's more optimistic than me and she thought we just loosened the nut that keeps the pipe attached.

We then tried to follow the drainage path, essentially. We started taking parts off inside the dishwasher. We got as far as the spray arms and a water propeller, but we were stymied by a nut and rubber cover.

We stopped there and called Art, a plumber-savvy sort of fellow. He agreed with the diagnosis told us the right way to do this - he was too busy to come over. The way to get at that drainage valve is from the front, after removing the kickplate. While Elvi did that, I cleaned the gunk out of the parts we'd removed.

When you know what you're doing and how to do it, repairs are easier. Elvi handed me the valve she removed and I used a skewer to push out the end of a chicken wing bone and the detritus that had agglomerated around it to seal off the passage.

Art said he'd seen these valves clogged with lemon seeds. I smell a design flaw.

Victory is sweet.


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