Sunday, December 24, 2006

Two-day wrap-up

I spent seven hours visiting with fellow 101 Squadron enthusiast Alex Yofe. I thought I had a decent library and research but his stuff puts mine to shame. He's been collecting and interviewing for three times the amount of time I have, so that's understandable - expected, even. But to see it....

We spent the time looking through photos and telling stories of the fantastic people we've met and now miss.

Alex presented me with a free copy of his latest book, "Spitfire Mk. IX in the Israeli Air Force Service 1948-1956" as well as a poster of a 101 Squadron victory over the RAF on January 7, 1949. (He'd sent one to me years ago that was damaged in transport.)

Alex wasn't pleased with the text he wrote for this Spitfire book - English is his third language - so he asked me to write the upcoming book on the Avia S-199. To the detriment of my earning power as a freelancer, I couldn't agree fast enough. Most of the photos and illustrations will come from Alex, and we will collaborate on the text. I'm honoured. The book should be out by April.

And the South African sausage at dinner chez Alex was superb. It was a slim, homemade beef (?) sausage seasoned with a South African spice mix that tasted a lot like Montreal steak spice.

Bonus hint that "Futurama" has affected your child - well, my child:

Child Three and I were discussing my sister-in-law's Christmas tree and he asked, "Is the Christmas tree going to stay alive?"

"No," I said. "It's been cut down. What would happen if your head were cut off? Wouldn't you die?"

"I know where I was cut," he answered. I prompted him with a raised eyebrow. "On my lower horn."


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