Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BlogRolling is not dead

Prompted by an e-mail discussion with Warren Leonard, I continued to spend time - er, debit time I don't have to look into a substitute for the extremely unhealthy BlogRolling service.

I found this recent Cruft post, which announces that BlogRolling has died. The post summoned BlogRolling honcho Ross Rader out of the webwork. Ross illuminates some of the problems BlogRolling is dealing with.

I'm happy BlogRolling is not dead, but Ross writes, "One of our biggest outstanding issues is how we move forward with the 'most recently updated' feature...."

Duh. Without that, BlogRolling doesn't have any advantage over the numerous blogroll services out there. That's its value. While I'm heartened that Ross and the rest seem to be working on problems, he doesn't seem to have a handle on the biggest problem.

As a bonus, Jason DeFillippo (the creator of BlogRolling, former Technoratian, current cheese at Metroblogging) also comments on that Cruft post.


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