Sunday, January 21, 2007

In the family news

Child One is getting insane grades. The mark she earned on her math midterm in December was one of those of which you think "Nobody really gets a mark like that, do they?" Yes Virginia, they do.

Child Two decided to celebrate my birthday over the course of a week. Last weekend, she asked my what my favourite meals were, allegedly as part of a survey. I told her my favourite breakfast was bagel, cream cheese and lox with tomato and onion. I couldn't decide on a lunch, so I gave her two suppers: sushi and a good steak.

Monday night, my birthday night, we went to Kaizen for sushi. I'm so with it that I hadn't connected Child Two's question with the meal.

(Brief sidebar: Kaizen had been rated a city favourite in the Montreal travel info I recently edited. I had downgraded it to decent Asian cuisine based on what I'd heard and read. Having visited the premises, I have to agree with my assessment. It's good sushi, but overpriced for what you receive.)

Later in the week, we barbecued steaks in the cold - well, someone did. I'm not that dedicated. I clued in to Child Two's plan because of the secrecy around the meal. And yesterday, the family indulged me with bagels. (I'm supposed to cut carbs to limit my genetically based hyperlipidemia.)

Funny thing was that Child Two's ploy was so well rigged that she actually had conducted at least part of a survey of favourite meals among the family, although only my choices counted for anything.

Child Three played his first hockey game in goalie equipment yesterday, at a tournament downtown in what could possibly have been called the Gay Village Invitational (Not a slur, just a comment on the location of the arena). His team won 7-1. He didn't have too many more shots than his team had goals, but Child Three made some dandy saves. One a nice toe kick, a nice leaping arm save, and two stick saves that deflected the shots into the corner. The one goal was disappointing. Like his dad, Child Three daydreams when the action is at the other end of the ice, and when a shot came from two-thirds the way down the half-rink they play on, Child Three never moved a muscle and the puck slid by him. The good saves make up for the lapse, though, and maybe the goal will be a lesson.

As for Dog One, he had sleepover at a dog-friend's house last night.

I forgot to mention last week that both my orthopod nor my physiotherapist set me loose. I have a few more shoulder exercises to avoid, but my shoulder is back to 95% quality, I'd say. The chronic pain is gone, but there's still some stiffness when reaching behind my back.

Bonus review of a tasty drink:

I tried Crystal Light's lemon-lime drink mix. If you like sour, go for it. It reminds of sucking on a Jolly Rancher. (Of course, he would be.)


Blogger Naila J. said...

It reminds of sucking on a Jolly Rancher. (Of course, he would be.)

He would be very jolly indeed!

And are you sure you didn't mean Child One? Dog One seems a bit harsh ;)

January 21, 2007 8:44 PM  

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