Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Field meets Arndt

You'd think the scribosphere would've found this already, but it seems to have flown under our radar.

Screenwriting-advice guru Syd Field is hosting a series of podcasts (oh, how I still detest that word) at a Web site called, appropriately enough, Screen Play with Syd Field.

The first podcast dates to December 18, so it's hardly new, yet I first learned of the site today. The six podcasts posted so far have Field presenting Michael Arndt, all before Arndt's Oscar win. I say "presenting" because Field allows Arndt to have his say and merely comments once in a while rather than actively interviewing his guest.

As you might hope from Field's presence, Arndt holds forth on the hows of screenwriting. It's an informative resource. Start with the first and use the drop-down menu under the yellow "WATCH MORE CLIPS" headline for the rest of the clips.

Try to ignore the tiny chairs - at times, Arndt looks like he's in a kindergarten - and Field's '80s-style elbow-length jacket sleeves. It's worth it.

The site kindly offers you a variety of syndication feeds.


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