Tuesday, February 20, 2007

History lesson

I'm writing my book, wondering when that replacement adapter for my laptop will arrive. This week would be convenient.

Back to the book.... Remember historical footnote from a year ago?

Alex Y. and I have the original photos for our book, and now I know why "some miscreant graphic artist marred the image in the book with a large yellow circle." The photo (top left) is a composite. The original does not show two Dakotas. The yellow circle is in place to obfuscate the seam between the superimposed image and the background image.

Alon's S-199 is in both photos, but is not in the same position. In each photo, he chases a lone Dakota (almost certainly the same one).

My cocktail napkin math still holds, however. Alon was danged close to the bombers. Good thing they had no tailgunners.


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