Thursday, February 22, 2007

Web stuff

There's a replacement out there for's moribund blogroll service. It's called blogLinx. The announcement is at the blogLinx blog.

Although I keep up with tech news, I'm not usually an early adopter. A quick glance to the right of this page will show you that I have this up and working.

It's not quite as flexible as, but it works.

Let's go through my grab bag of links and see what else is out there....

Ah. A recent article in the Times Online describes how film special effects have left the realm of the fantastic and entered the realm of the mundane. Either because she wasn't asked to or because she couldn't, Jennifer Connolly didn't produce enough tears while filming "Blood Diamond". It took a simple computer effect to add them in post.

The article brings us some debate over the technique. I tend to side with the technology over the argument that it creates an impure performance. It's a Machiavellian perspective, but the final product in film is after all a collaboration.

Also in the entertainment field is this article in New Scientist:
Last week, a critic at the Gramophone magazine got surprise when he put a Hatto recording of Lizt's 12 Transcendental Studies into his computer. The iTunes player identified the disc as being recorded by another pianist, Lászlo Simon. He dug out the Simon album and found it sounded exactly the same as the Hatto one.

Pristine Audio investigated and found other Joyce Hatto recordings matched other songs.

Hatto died last June, and her widower can't explain the concordances.

Even more oddly, iTunes doesn't seem capable of repeating this identification, yet experts agree with the conclusions. Is there a little Deep Keyboard feeding info to the press here?


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