Friday, March 23, 2007

Still slaving away

When I said I'd finished the Avia S-199 book, what I meant was that I'd finished all new writing for the book. The bulk of the text is going to be an edit of what I've already written for I underestimated how much work needed to put into the required edits, and I'm still slaving away at it.

The really neat thing? I'm still learning new information.

So instead of anything pithy or even meaningful, here's a list of cool stuff:

- Mystery Man posted a portion of his review of "Sheep's End" on his blog. He wants a quest story. That was going to be the sequel. He also wants Bren to become the protagonist. My wife thinks Bren is the protagonist. He's currently the point-of-view character.

- France's space agency has opened its OVNI files to the public. The site is down.

- Our Irrational League draft will be late this year, on April 14.

- "Andy Barker P.I." was hilarious last night, but it can't last. The humour is too... recursive. I think that's the right word. It's humour for screenwriters. Making the fat slob an irresistable hunk to all and Andy's perplexed questions about that cracked me up - but will middle America find that as funny as I did? Maybe the sop was showing the clip of the running, sexy, fat man five times. that was hilarious, too. Great choice for the music.

- On the other hand, the half-hour "Andy Barker P.I." doesn't have time to do an investigation justice (um, no pun intended). The show comes across somewhat as a series of loosely connected moments. And the Tony Hale/receptionist love plot fell flat. Again, the writers played with conventions but this time the twist back upon itself did not work.

- I have two episodes of "The Riches" waiting to be watched. Eddie Izzard freaks out Child Two.


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