Sunday, May 06, 2007

Checking in

I've recovered from a two-day tension headache and a bizarre Friday night in which I would fall asleep and wake up 30 seconds later many times over six hours. I slept it off last night and all's well.

I have a treatment to read and report on for Alex, and the rest of this week is devoted to assembling the JOUR 519 I'll be teaching in June and July and applying for courses next fall and winter semesters. Although I won't be a full-timer for the department next year, I will be able to teach three more courses, if the department will have me. I'm applying for my standard JOUR 202 and 319, and - looky, looky what's available - 428, Online Publication.

I'm preparing 519 now because we plan to be shooting Alex's short May 25-27 and I won't have time then.

After a brief spurt to sixth yesterday, my Irrational League team is again back in eighth where it has lived most of the last month. Slow and steady.... I added Felix Pie in our monthly add/drop, just in time for him to become a bench player. Injuries and changing roles are hurting my team: Matt Murton is a pinch-hitter despite some good numbers; Pie is now a part-timer; Willy Taveras hurt something today; Carlos Beltran's legs are sore; Orlando Hernandez hurt his shoulder; Clay Hensley hurt his groin; and Bob Wickman is out with a bad back.

Boy, I hope I can find something interesting to write about soon.


Blogger Wendy Smith said...

hey websy,
what advice would you give to aspiring freelance journalists? concrete advice, i mean. not the florid platitudes and syrupy truisms they shower us with during first and second year.
i have several complicated story ideas i've begun researching and fleshing out, and a few targeted publications in mind, but virtually no idea how to proceed with a cold pitch.
any advice would be appreciated... you can email me if you want. thanks.

May 7, 2007 10:46 AM  

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