Monday, May 14, 2007


I helped the wife move some couches onto the front lawn for an impromptu garage sale yesterday and I strained the forearm muscles that move your fingers.

Wait a sec. Need a little lesson in cool anatomy? Ever notice how you can't flex a muscle in your fingers? That's because there are nearly no muscles in your fingers. Open and close your fingers as you look at your forearm. See the muscles working? The muscles that move your fingers are in your forearm and act through long tendons that pass through your hand.

So I strained those muscles and today whenever I push, pull, or (ow) type, it hurts not surprisingly like a pulled muscle does.

Other than pushing, pulling, and typing, what am I up to? I just returned from another meeting, this one with Peter Downie to discuss the summer course I'll be teaching.

I'm also quite proud that I managed to find four identical cell phones for free this weekend, for use as props in Alex's short. I picked those up this morning. It wasn't as easy as you'd think. My next task for the shoot is to find restaurants willing to barter food for advertising, and then to re-cover some books, also meant as props. (Ow.)

My l33t ranger skill with wilderness traps has dispatched two mice so far behind the TV cabinet. I feel a bit odd about that. The mice hang around inside our walls and maybe eat pet food. They do not get into our people food and if it weren't for their tiny feces, we wouldn't notice them at all. I wonder if I even need to slay them. You don't get many experience points. On the other hand, I'm curious how many there are.

(Have I written that take on it before? I vaguely recall it, but it could be my mind playing tricks.)

Life is not all unpaid work and death-bringing. The wife and I headed out to la Tulipe to experience its Pop 80 Saturday night '80s room.

I liked the selection of music, which generally shied away from the American pop you'd hear at Electric Avenue. Unlike the latter, la Tulipe lacks that Crescent Street vibe - for me, that's another positive. And the drinks are stronger. The room is a converted concert hall/theatre which though full still lets you move around easily. If you go, print out the coupon at the Web site for $2 off admission.

La Tulipe has an intriguing new Friday night event starting this week: a night of new wave.

Bonus link:

I know I've posted a lot of material from other writers recently, even though that's something I try to avoid. (Ow.) Here's more advice, which I'll only link to. Mark Lewis wrote "Top 10 Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers". His advice applies to all creative types, not just graphic artists.


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