Friday, May 25, 2007

Second day on set

As Alex points out, Al Goulem has been fantastic, as have all the actors.

Al was not originally on Alex's radar for casting, but I think he's great, so I brought him to Alex's attention with a few clips from "The Tournament". Alex was still reluctant. I don't think Alex could see through the Barry McConnell character to the talent that brought him to life, but agreed to give it a go. At most, the loss was a ten minutes of audition time, and the upside was - well, the upside was what we saw today.

Also, my surgically altered cell phones performed more or less as advertised. Beyond resetting the cell phones, I did have a lot more to do today, which felt rewarding. And the crew are all decent people and the unit has meshed well.

A surprise visitor to the set today was Geoff Uloth, whose girlfriend lives in one of the houses we filmed in front of today. He and I run into each other all the time: I used to borrow projectors from him at Concordia; we both attend MFG meetings; and DUBB contributed songs to one of his brother's films. But today was the first time we chatted.

Bonus book news:

The print shop in Korea had some problems with colour, so our book is delayed. If all goes well, it will begin the print run late next week.

Raanan Weiss and Shlomo Aloni have a book on 101 Squadron coming out this summer as well, but their book covers decades of history. Alex wants to officially launch our book at the Los Angeles IPMS meeting in August but I doubt I'll have the cash to get down there. I may try to do something here in Montreal or at Toronto's Jewish Book Fair in Toronto in the fall.


Blogger Elvi said...

Two films, actually. David Uloth used "Lovin' Soul" in his film "Kicked Out, Moving In", and he used "Sound of the Rain" in "The First Day of my Life".

May 26, 2007 12:35 AM  

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