Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Look away, children

On our last night of filming, round about 1 a.m., we started telling jokes as we shifted lights and cameras for a new scene. This was the best of them:

Two Canadians are playing 20 Questions. The first one ponders a moment, and comes up with "moose cock".

The second one asks the first question, "Is it edible?"

The first one thinks, and thinks again, finally answering, "Well, I guess so. Maybe. Could be."

The second one asks, "Is it moose cock?"

That cracked the room up. It's a good joke, made funnier by the hour of telling.

Saturday night, the wife and I went out with another couple to celebrate the wife's birthday. The husband of the other couple brought along a cousin from Austria. I told this joke in the car, and all the native English speakers laughed. Poor Ingo the Austrian was left in the dark so Roger, his cousin, translated the joke into German. It started something like this:

Zwei Kanadier, die 20 Fragen spielen. Das erste man denkt einen Moment und kommt oben mit (Here, Roger paused as he sought the right word.) "Elchenschwanz".

"Elchenschwanz". We fell apart when we heard that. It's just so perfect. "Ist es Elchenschwanz?"

OK, kids. You can pay attention again.


Anonymous chris soth said...

I THINK...the version I heard had Princess Diana on a game show w/the answer "Black Dick"...

...racial v. bestial...

June 7, 2007 11:05 PM  

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