Tuesday, September 04, 2007

...And we're back!

Thanks to Dave, my Web host, for getting me up and running despite consternation and chronic pain. We had a nice chat about Percocet.

The blog is back. The Web site is back. School is back - I taught my first class today. I hope I do better than I did in summer. My assessments were mediocre, and I'm usually well to the positive side of mediocre. Professors at Concordia get additional comments as well as numeric ratings, and my comments from the summer seemed to focus on the computers in the classroom and how they are too distracting. I wonder if the students' lack of self-discipline is in any way responsible for my poor ratings.

Other stuff I've done in the past week includes creating and posting the Web site for Alex's short (there's no elegant way to get that left-hand green column to extend to the bottom of all pages, but I am proud of my m4d CSS sk1llz ) and laughing at the origin of the lolcat meme, the pre-World War I Laugh-Out-Loud Cats.

Thank you for staying tuned.


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