Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday night

I attended a relatively sparse Montreal Film Group party Monday night at B-Side on St. Laurent. The bar's walls are decorated with albums displayed as art: London Calling; Boys Don't Cry; etc. The music that played was quite acceptable to me.

I met a few interesting people. I had a long talk with he president of an animation studio. I didn't know it at the time, but he had worked with DUBB - I saw a clip of the aborted attempt at a video for the band on his company's Web site.

At one point, I was talking with Steve, another writer, and my former student Juliana and her friend Dina. Allow me to paraphrase....

Steve: Did you see all the albums on the wall? I recognize all of them but some band called the Cure.

Webs: You've never heard of the Cure? Seriously?

Steve: No. Who are they? Should I have heard of them?

Webs: How old are you?

Steve: Twenty-eight.

Webs: You should have heard of them. "Just Like Heaven", "Inbetween Days", "Friday I'm in Love"?

(Steve has a blank look.)

Dina: "Boys Don't Cry", "Close to Me", "Lovecats"?

(Webs cocks an eye at Dina.)

Webs: Pardon the question, but how old are you?

Dina: Thirty-seven.

Webs: You used to go to Thunderdome, didn't you?

Dina: Yes!

We're everywhere. Sniff deeply, and you can probably still smell the Black Label.

Somebody with more guts and better French than me really ought to open up a Retrodome.


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For some reason, I thought this post would be about football...

September 12, 2007 3:15 PM  

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