Sunday, September 16, 2007

Old friends and new technology

Saturday was our semi-annual high-school reunion hockey game. Friday night was the first night I slept without the aid of decongestant nasal spray and I felt pretty good.

That is, until my second shift.

I've never been the smoothest skater and I've certainly never had a hard shot, but I understand the game, theoretically and as play develops on the ice, and with that, good passing skills, and hard work, I've turned myself into a pretty good hockey player. I went out hard my first two shifts, at which point every organ system in my body reminded me that I was not healthy. I spent the next half-hour taking it real easy on the ice, and wheezing and lying down on the bench.

Eventually, I was able to pace myself, and I lasted the game.

This morning was my high school's first official homecoming. School homecomings here are nothing like American homecomings, which focus on sports. Ours are more like family reunions.

Of the 18 or so hockey players Saturday, three quarters were from my high school. we get together and play at Rosh HaShanah and Passover. At the homecoming, only one other person from my graduating class showed up - and he's the guy who organizes the hockey games.

I saw some of my teachers, and I impressed some current students with my live "Reach for the Top" skills while a tape of some old games played (not ones from my year on the show), but other than that the nearly three hours I spent at the school were a waste of time.

What wasn't a waste of time was my afternoon today. Mark and I spent some time filming our mechanima trailer courtesy of the Journalism Department and one of its TV editing set-ups. Despite al that equipment and Mark's camcorder skills, we couldn't match plugs exiting the Mac with plugs going into the camcorder. We ended up having Mark film the LCD monitor. I hope it works out.


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