Saturday, September 29, 2007


I lost $3.70 at Alex's poker table last night (photos at Facebook). I won only three hands, all in a row. Three other hands, I was set to win before getting screwed over by the river.

Compensating for the pain of that loss is a small measure of fame. A writer used my Pace Mannion Fan Club/Wikipedia story in an article about Wikipedia for You can read it here. I appear on the second page, with some tangential references later in the piece.

Elvi is up north with the choir she has joined to take the musical place of the defunct band. I'm spending the day shuttling children and, well, blogging.

My fantasy baseball team oozed its way into third place last night, thanks to Russ Springer's win in relief. I can't stomach following the games in progress. Maybe I'll catch a movie tonight. I can't stay in the house or I'll fire up the laptop and be forced to watch.

Allow me to finish up with a great cartoon:

Bonus true fact:

One of the Donner party survivors later opened a restaurant in San Francisco.


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