Sunday, December 16, 2007

The weather outside is frightful

We have about a foot of snow so far today, and expect another half foot to come. My hockey players played their first game of a the NDG-hosted tournament this morning and the drive home at 11:00 was certainly hairier than the drive in two-plus hours earlier as visibility had dropped to about a long block.

We lost 5-1 to Greenfeld Park, more specifically to #66 on that team, who scored four goals. Child Three in net let in two goals in the first period, one of which he definitely should have stopped, but played well in the latter two periods despite the score.

Yesterday was another hockey day, as I was coach for an all-star team of western Montreal players against eastern Montreal. We hopped out to a 2-0 lead but lost 8-2. Despite the loss, the goalie from our NDG team won an award for best goalie and a skater won for hardest shot (30 mph or so) during the skills competition before the game.

There was another skills competition yesterday at the tournament and our representative won fastest skater there.

We were supposed to go do Christmas-y things at my wife's aunt's house in the West Island (we'll be out of town during the actual holiday), but the weather has kept us home. We might get out there tomorrow.


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