Thursday, January 03, 2008

Acts of life

I'm working on this biopic and the outlining is going well. The first half of his professional life, up to his triumphant peak, plays out well in story form to that climax, but the key to the story occurs after that. The problem is that much of the plunge is self-destruction, yet metaphorically it is key. There's no story there otherwise.

Even worse, the self-destruction is primarily internal, while much of the external action consists of travel and procrastination, hardly thrilling fodder for the screen.

I'm confident I can do it, but it's danged hard. I need to better externalize the inner conflict. I have some ideas....

Bonus discussion of PageRank:

This mystifies me. Do a Google search for "idiot dog" and my blog is second in the search results, after Next, do a search for "ball wrap". Number one, baby. Number one.

I wish I could bottle this and sell it, but I have no idea how this is happening.


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