Saturday, February 16, 2008

Close one

Boy, that slow week got busy in a hurry. Alex sent me a script to read (I'm halfway through) and Reader's Digest sent me blues (final, laid-out copy) and a map to proof. So I'm blogging.

Our little hockey team stunk tonight. We gave up the first goal two and a half minutes in. Child Three, goalie in this game, admitted later that he hadn't been paying attention. That explains why he didn't move as the shot slid into the corner of the net.

We took the lead less than a minute into the second period and went up 3-1 two minutes into the third. Each team scored three goals in the third period and we won 5-4.

We're lucky that the shots we had went in, because our team was completely outplayed. Child Three played a spectacular game, by far the best of his life. They say you need a goalie to steal a game every once in a while, and he did that tonight despite his early inattentiveness. At one point, he made five close-in saves in a row as our skaters could not clear the puck. (When we did finally control the puck, we got lazy and gave it back and that was the fourth goal against.)

Our first-place boys are starting to believe more in their own hype than in the hard-working hockey that got them there. Another effort like this and there won;t be any hype. As head coach, I tried to prepare them for this game against a team with a mediocre record, but I failed to do that. I'm going to have to work on that. Dale Carnegie? Toastmasters?

While I figure that out, here's another spectacular tiny goalie:


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