Saturday, February 09, 2008

More hockey talk

I e-mailed my Warsaw Pact suggestion to Mitch Melnick and he liked it enough to mention it on air with an extended drum roll yesterday around 3:30. Once I was playing fanboy, I also sent my analysis to PJ Stock, who agreed with me in an e-mail response.

Of course, with Huet giving up three goals on four shots, we all know the forwards will escape media focus for the next few days.

Child Three gave a slightly better performance in tonight's Novice B game with one fewer goal in four shots. We played same team against which we opened the season and came away with the same result. We opened the scoring, they tied it up, we went ahead, they tied it up, and we took the game in the final minute of play. Tonight, we barely took it, as time expired between our third goal and the subsequent face-off.

But, hey - a win's a win. It will, however, be a week of dedicated practice of technique.


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