Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I could bore you with tales of research into itinerant youths and Ethiopian lava beds, but is that really what you want to hear about? (That's two different jobs, by the way, although there very well may be itinerant youth roaming the volcanic geology of the Horn of Africa.)

Instead, let's close an open ticket, to use tech-support lingo.

On February 1, 2007, I discovered that the Dell power cords I kept having to replace had been recalled, so I ordered a free replacement.

Dell strung me along for months, tantalizing me with the possibility that I would get a new power cord less likely to burn down my house.

In June, I had to employ another cord, one of the recalled, and in October, I two burned fingers repairing it. Although I didn't blog about it, I made further repairs in December, backed up with some electrical tape in January.

Today, out of the blue, I received two identical packages. The outsides were obscure - the was no indication what inhabited the address they came from but they were sent to CANAM SERVICE - INSPIRON care of me at home. It took me a while to connect that with my Dell Inspiron 8100 but I opened the package et voila: a power adapter and cord that I hope won't fray at the strain releases. In fact, I received two boxes, each containing a power cord and adapter.

The boxes come with instructions. This one's my favourite: "Failure to Return your Defective Part within 10 business days from receipt will result in your being billed for the cost of the replacement!"

Seems fair. I wait 13 months for a quietly hidden recall to be fulfilled and Dell gets their crap back within ten days or else.

I have no explanation why Dell decided to send me two replacements. It wasn't contrition, for Dell wants me to return a second recalled power adapter. Fortunately, I have a few around.


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