Monday, April 21, 2008

It's adequate in the Bahamas

We had our seders and we're dividing our time so far between the TV and the pool. (Sorry about my simian partial nudity. Don't click if you don't want to be able to count every hair.) The kids and I are watching a ton of movies. I saw "I Am Legend", and I have to say, I like the alternate ending better.

(Although this alternate ending kinda glosses over the fact that all bridges to Manhattan were destroyed.)

On the plane down to our stop in Florida, I watched "There Will Be Blood" - most of it, anyway. The movie was longer than the flight so I missed end of that one. The entertainment system shut down as Plainview asked Eli to admit he's a fraud.

I had been planning to get to work on a second take of the historical biopic I'm working on, but I felt crappy all day yesterday, exhausted and achy in the head. I think it's enforced caffeine withdrawal, as my father went decaffeinated a few years ago and the rest of the house followed. If that's so, I should feel better soon.


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Awww... cute pic!

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