Saturday, April 19, 2008

More humid than expected

Water is my nemesis so far this trip - to Freeport, Bahamas, by the way. It's a bit too humid for my taste in heat, which ranges from Sahara to Mojave on the moisture scale.

Worse, and more expensive, is the tapwater, especially when mixed with my native idiocy.

I put my contacts in yesterday to go out for supper. I ran out of the simple clean/rinse/store all-in-one solution on the first contact lens and opened the bottles for the two-liquid cleaning process on the second.

After rubbing the lens with the cleaner, you're supposed to rinse it off in running tapwater. I did, and the lens slipped out of my finger. Fortunately, I had closed the drain so I didn't lose the lens. Unfortunately, the strange surroundings disoriented me and instead of shutting off the water, I opened the drain.

I asked the wife to order me a new contact lens Monday. I'll need it ASAP so I can wear it for hockey which starts mid May. Yes, I did find a hockey league to join. I suspect the quality of play may rank below my own. We'll see.

Now, if only this headache would go away....


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