Thursday, April 10, 2008


I taught my last class of the semester yesterday and to celebrate I attended a Montreal Film Group bash. Usually I'll run into a few people I know, but I was starting to worry about that when Cynthia walked in. Cynthia came off the bench for me in Alex's writing room when I had my Wednesday afternoon course to teach despite having more TV writing experience than I do. We hung out and she introduced me to a few other people.

Carl is one of the people she introduced me to and we hit it off. I babbled on about 101 Squadron and what an awesome project that would be, and he agreed and pushed me to take my passion to Dreamworks - but he couldn't provide the phone number. Well into our conversation, I recognized him - well, not him, but his facial features. He's the younger brother of former CNN reporter Jonathan Freed, who I went to camp with.

Tomorrow night I have another party, the Journalism Department's end of year bash. I'm thinking of wearing the kiwi-green shirt I quested for and serendipitously found. What do you think, Naila?

Bonus mission accomplished:

I would like to post a big thank you to a former Netsurfer Digest subscriber who sent me the "(Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended)" MP3, but since he's not Canadian, I'll leave him anonymous so that the tunetroopers don't collect him for processing. Passion burning, indeed.


Blogger Naila J. said...

I vote for the kiwi shirt.


April 10, 2008 11:24 PM  

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