Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second places

I know at least one of you readers finds my sports posts boring. You can wait for the weekend, when I post from a place in the sun. Meanwhile....

The Irrational League is in full swing and I'm in second with 54 points. First place has 64.5 points and third place has 50. It's shaking out pretty much as I suspected, although my boomers are lagging somewhat in home runs and RBI.

.271 batting average (4th place)
18 HR (tied 6th)
70 RBI (8th)
11 SB (tied 4th)
2.42 ERA (1st)
1.10 WHIP (1st)
9 wins (tied 2nd)
5 saves (5th)

I wish Joe Torre would let Matt Kemp play.

There is another sports pool I'm in, Jim Henshaw's Infamous Writers Pool. Each participant chooses ten skaters and two goalies for the playoffs. You get one pint for each point your skaters accumulate. You get one point for each goalie win and seven points for a shut-out.

I'm tied in second place with four others, two points behind the leader. My team:

I took a risk and opted for some high-scoring power-play defencemen instead of the traditional forwards. I debated taking a Kostitsyn or two and Higgins instead of Markov and Streit, and maybe I should have. Or maybe I should have chosen Kostopoulos.

I'm shocked at how many writers through choice of goalies seem to have opted for the Habs and Sharks to meet in the finals. I think only one person chose Detroit's Hasek as their goalie.


Blogger Naila J. said...

You can thank Datsyuk for extra points tonight...

April 17, 2008 1:00 AM  

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