Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sporting news

The NHL playoffs have taken a little break and therefore so has our pool. As Will Dixon posts, I'm tied in third place, eight points back of leader John Callaghan, but there's no way I can gain ground, since we have the same players now. In fact, my team is not even to going to maintain my third-place tie.

My Team 990 baseball pool entry is mired in 113th place out of 256, primarily due to injuries. I have no investment, emotional or financial, in that contest, so don't expect me to follow up on that unless my team cracks the top 50 or something.

The Irrational League is a horsehide of a different colour. Last you heard, I was in second place, but injuries and plain old crappy pitching have dropped me to fifth, as follows.

.286 batting average (2nd)
42 HR (5th)
191 RBI (6th)
34 SB (3rd)
4.20 ERA (6th)
1.35 WHIP (5th)
14 wins (tied 8th, in last)
11 saves (6th)

My picks are not hitting homers at the rate I thought they would. I'm looking at you, Carlos Beltran and JJ Hardy. On the other hand, Kemp's and Berkman's stolen bases are a pleasant surprise.

The pitching is in turmoil. Smoltz is out. Corpas lost his closing job and is now useless. Orlando Hernandez still hasn't come back, and Justin Germano and Chris Young are both pitching much more porrly than they should be. Germano seems to have lost his job, too, for now.

On the bright side, I picked up Jamie Moyer in our monthly free-agent draft. I had to hold my nose to do it, but he'll get some ugly wins. Jon Rauch looks like an astute draft pick now, as does Jon Lieber. Smoltz may come back as a closer. I still need more decent starting pitching, but no one wants to trade it.


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