Saturday, August 23, 2008

Off-track fretting

I started August with the goal of writing three pages a day, but it's August 23 and instead of 69 pages, I have 47.

Now, that's not bad, but it's not what I think I can do, either. I haven't written a page in three days, but I have been working on the script. It's taking some effort to convert five lines of treatment to scenes that work.

Of course, there are distractions as well. Yesterday I spent three hours traveling to Costco, buying fewer than a dozen items, and returning - mostly because traffic, even in early afternoon, along Decarie and the Metropolitan is insanely thick. There's even traffic at midnight, after my Friday night hockey.

Today, I spent the morning losing our championship T-ball game with Child Three, watching some major-division ball, and waiting for him to stop bouncing off inflatable habitats. The father of one kid came up to me as we waited for our free junk food and observed, "It's amazing after two seasons of T-ball that (boy) still won't run past first base." Yeah, it's amazing to me, too, especially with the excellent examples set by some of the boys with more aptitude.

I've also spent some leisure time at Fantastic Contraption, a thoroughly engaging and educational engineering game. Any game that tempts a cheapskate like me to pay for the full version has to be good.

Off to schmooze....

Bonus video:

Did you know it's Imperial Fleet Week in San Francisco?


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