Thursday, September 11, 2008

How not to sleep

Monday night, I couldn't get to sleep. It happens once in a while. I managed to fall asleep around 3:30 a.m.

Elvi handles morning carpool duties so it's not normally tragic when this happens. Since I'm a bum, I just sleep in and offset my day's work a bit.

But Tuesday was different.

At 6:45, Elvi woke and couldn't resist snuggling me before hustling the kids out of bed. I'm not sure how often that happens - it's gotta be hard to resist the impulse - but that time, she woke me. I fell back asleep, until 7:39 a.m., when our carpool partner called to ask where the carpool was. Elvi pulled up to her house as we were speaking. I went back to sleep.

At 8:55 a.m., my mum called to say how delightful the book reviews were. Thanks, Mum. I appreciate your appreciation, but you could use the comment link to leave a note here on the blog.

I didn't go back to bed after that. I didn't want to sleep the entire day away and then again be unable to retire until the wee hours. I did some research and tried to do some writing, but I'm so tired I can't think straight. I needed some sleep if I were to do anything productive.

I lie down for a nap and the Westmount Library calls at 2:30 to wake me as I'm dozing off. They have a book for Elvi. She reads too much.

It takes me a while to get back to sleep and just as I do my buddy Josa calls to ask if any of the Children will be taking acting classes this year. Unfortunately, that's one item we've had to cut back on so that they can attend school.

Hoping that a change of venue will change my luck, I abandon the bed for the downstairs couch. I was wrong. At 4:00, a computer in the employ of our phone company calls to ask... - I'm not sure what it called to ask. I rarely listen to machines.

And then the kids came home.

That was my day. At least I was able to get to sleep that night before midnight.

Bonus "Pop goes the rib" post:

Last week, I was stretching after a heavy meal and I felt a pop under the front left side of my rib cage. I described it to Elvi as feeling like my stomach popped from all the food - although of course a stomach isn't on the left side.

A day or two later, I had a sore spot between two ribs on the left side of my back. It seems reasonable to relate the pop and the muscles and tendons between my ribs. The pain wasn't too bad, it limited my twisting and bending a bit, but I'd only rank it as uncomfortable on the pain scale. I played hockey as well as possible Friday night and moved a fifth of a ton of furniture Sunday. The furniture did make my back a bit more sore so maybe that was stupid, but I did get a free bed out of it.

Some people are telling me to go to the doctor, but it's a rib. There's nothing to do. The pop is a little worrisome, but if I did pull a tendon loose, there'd be a heck of a lot more pain, no?


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