Monday, September 15, 2008

I admit...

...that yesterday's post was lame. I spent the weekend doing nothing, but Child Three did some stuff I forgot about.

Friday evening, Child Three performed the voiceover work he'd won.

Initially, he had a tendency to start enunciating sentences at the third word, and his brain works faster than his mouth, so he added/skipped/misread words. Part of it was that he had no rehearsal time - he got his hands on the dialogue literally a minute before he entered the recording booth.

Once we pointed out his bad habits and fixed some pronunciations, Child Three performed impressively. He took direction superbly. He even added appropriate nuances on his own. It was enjoyable for me - and that says more than you think, because deep inside, I'm my kids' strongest critic. Sometimes it's not buried so deep.

Child Three earned a bit of cash for the work, but I took it for myself. He owes me payment for the Nintendo DS he and Child Two bought, for which I fronted the initial cash outlay. I feel bad about it, but it's almost four months now, and at least I didn't send goons to break his legs.

Bonus LOLninjacat:


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LOL @ Ninja kitty

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