Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Media notes


Let's start with "Heroes", the new season of which premiered Monday. A few people have told that the show lost them, and I can see why. It was... - well, dull. The show had to clean up after last year's mess, a result of the writers' strike.

Given an entire season to recover, the first order of business was to straighten out the story lines. Things had gotten muddied and it took an episode and a half to clear the waters.

The plot for this year was established with the jailbreak on Level 5 - unfortunately, that only came after an episode and a half of cleaning up last year's mess.

And the "Sprint" line in the African desert was the best product-placement bit I've ever seen.

Don't give up on this new season yet.

The other premiere I caught was "House", which maintained its standard of excellence.


When the BBC's Les Ross interviews Hardeep Singh Kohli without conducting due research, he gets what he deserves, almost. The Guardian has a brief description and, even better, an audio file of the disaster.


The Genius function of iTunes 8 is genius. I signed up for primarily for the music recommendations, but those are hit or miss and are tedious to work with. The 30-second clips of Genius just work in an easy interface. It's so Apple. A dozen songs in, I have a list of 100 songs to get.


I spent most of yesterday looking for my keys in the house and I doubt they're here. I remember taking them from their hook and it must have been when I was either picking up Child Two from a friend or Elvi from Alex's. I took Elvi's van, though, and used her keys. I might have put my keys in her car or left them at Alex's, but they're not showing up in those places either.


Blogger elvi said...

thanks for not spoiling house for me. In return, I will look EVERYWHERE in my car this time...

September 24, 2008 5:08 PM  

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