Friday, February 20, 2009

Kid stuff

Child Two is off to California for the weekend. When I was a kid, a sleepover was a big deal.

She's flying as an unaccompanied minor to join Elvi and Elvi's sister in Mountain View. Child Two and I had some time to kill at the airport so we were thinking of ways she could make her journey more entertaining.

I told her to act mentally handicapped so that she gets free food. We also started joking around with what answers she could give when a flight attendant asks, "Hi, sweetie, what can I get for you?"

Possible answers:

1) "I'm hungry, but I still only breast-feed."

2) "I'm hungry and I only eat cheese."

3) "I'm hungry and I only eat things that are orange."

4) "Are there any cute boys on the plane? I'm in the mood for smoochin'!"

I am, once again, Superdad.

As for Child Three, here is the article that appeared in this week's Suburban:

The team in red, the Panthers, has won every game but two they've played this year. Those two games were the tie tie against us in the game described in that article and the championship game in the NDG tournament, a game that our team won in a shootout.

Here's that winning shootout, from late last December:

It'll be an interesting playoff season.


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