Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday morning, I took Elvi to the airport. She's in San Francisco, taking a research course this weekend, presenting a paper at a conference next week, then spending the weekend after with her sister. Child Two will be joining her for the latter weekend.

We get to spend one week together when they return, then Child One and I are headed to my father's place in the Bahamas for spring break. The other kids don't get this break, they get Passover off instead - and I'll be taking them to my mother in Houston.

I did a little work this week, some computer consulting. I solved a confounding printer problem by re-installing OS X. I think the printing system wiped out and couldn't regain its feet even with the help of a number of targeted fixes.

But mostly, I'm thinking about the wife. She's made extra effort to keep life fun, and we've spent a lot of great time together lately. It sucks that she's so far away on Valentine's Day.


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